Design trends which influenced the world in 2014

Design trend which influenced the world in 2014

Below is a list of designers who assisted in shaping the year 2014 and also how it influenced the world of graphic design.

Names of designers

1. Marc Newson
2. The Haas Brothers
3. Sheila Hicks
4. Max Lamb

  • Marc Newson
Marc Newson is an industrial designer who designs products, furnitures, aircraft cabins as well as clothing.
In his works, we can barely see sharp edges since his style of working is using smooth geometric lines, strength, transparency and translucency.
below are some works where he designed things which marked the year 2014:
  1. Qantas A330 business suites

This business suite marks an ingenious seat allowing the passenger to recline from take-offs and landing with a focus on common sense. The seats were designed and customized after appropriate trials and inflight observations with a panel of experts. This design had a great influence on people during its first release where the company had received lots of clients who opted for the business class instead of the economy one. It was clear that everybody wanted to try it atleast once in their life.

2. Nautilus retractable pen by Hermès

Hermès pen has been built by anodised aluminium along with a brushed stainless steel base,
iridium point, and a 10-carat white gold nib. This pen has an innovative mechanism exclusive to
Hermès allowing it to open by twisting the pen gently. The most interesting part is how such a pen influenced the world. The pen is an easy to use product with a sleek design. Its the hidden mechanism that does the job since its a model where you just need to twist the body gently and the nib come out or in.
  • The Haas Brothers
The Haas brothers are twins and American artists who works mainly on sculptures blurring the line between art and design. Most of their sculptures merges with design and art.
These are some works which they made marking the year.

In these works we can see that the sculpture which they made are completely unique bringing an evolution in the field of design. The chair contains a mixture of fur and marble as well. Moreover, the whole table has been sculpted in a unique way using marble. Therefore, these designers assisted in shaping the year 2014.

  • Sheila Hicks
Sheila Hicks is an artist whose works has been grasped by the world of design as art. mainly by the work where tumbling pillow of rainbow coloured cords was a climax of the Whitney Biennial. She uses mostly silk and linen and sometimes uses cotton medium as cords. She is mainly known for her textile works and also the way she examines her work.
These are some works which she made marking the year.
Her works dims the distinction between fine art and craft. She clearly takes textile design to the next level using art techniques.
  • Max Lamb
Max Lamb is a furniture designer who lives in England. He often combines traditional design methods with that of digital. Max is known for using uncommon approaches by using natural materials like pouring pewter onto sand and volcanic rock.
Below are some works he did shaping the year 2014:

on the first image we can see that he used pewter series to make this triangular shaped stool. A pewter is a metal alloy consisting of tin with copper and antimony.
On the second image, he used scrap poly pastel and then painted it. That is he used the commonly found polystyrene to make the shapes and then paints it in a pastel way. In 2014, the Marmoreal was debuted at thee Milan's Salone Del Mobile by Max Lamb.

Thank you for taking the time to go through my post and i hope that you learned about the designers who helped mark the year 2014 in the design field.